Digitize your business with an innovative approach to integrations

Not just standard integrations ready for your business ideas

The transfer or integration of data between software solutions
is a very important aspect of information systems that must be taken into account right from the beginning of its planning and design phase.

A reliable way to transfer information between systems

In order to successfully compete in the market, your software, applications or modules must work together seamlessly and exchange important information and data.

Our innovative API technology enables easy data exchange with several established solutions and platforms. It will allow you to integrate your separate systems and speak the same language to them, ensuring effective collaboration with your sister and subsidiary organizations.

Why Qasida API?

Modern APIs can provide you with a number of benefits that allow you to innovate faster and create a better product. They simplify the monetization of solutions, bring the potential for business transformation, and you will especially appreciate them for large solutions, because they guarantee reliability and security in the exchange of information. In addition, they also provide agility, necessary for strategic decision-making and rapid development of your business.

Use the potential provided by Qasida API
thereby increase the competitiveness of your business


Well-crafted APIs and data exchange rules will allow you to largely automate processes within your application ecosystem with minimal or no human intervention.

and innovation

Save your programmers time and effort and speed up their work with the Qasida API that covers every aspect of your business logic. Seamless transfer and connection of data will allow you to create new added value for your customers.


Qasida API makes data available according to set rules and access rights and guarantees backward data compatibility. Your data will remain safe and protected from unauthorized access. In addition, it also guarantees protection against user errors or external or internal attacks.

Minimizing the error rate

API integration can help your employees avoid manually copying and pasting data between systems, minimizing the likelihood of errors and incorrect data. Eliminate sources of human error thanks to our API and thus give your employees space to focus on more important tasks.

Increasing customer satisfaction

With every well-done integration that simplifies the customer's work, you increase customer satisfaction. Our APIs allow connections and data exchange with several established solutions and platforms, thereby increasing your potential to acquire new customers.

Designed for your business

APIs provide complex business logic that helps you reduce development costs and streamline your processes. In addition, they support modern standards and the scalability of small and large business cases according to your preferences, so you can more easily achieve your business goals.

Database independence

Microservice architecture in combination with high-quality object-relational mapping allows us to provide our API interface over arbitrary data stores, which will reduce your costs when purchasing a system and at the same time ensure complete flexibility for your company.

Mobile and in -app support

Qasida API provides methods and queries that are specifically oriented to their use in integrations through mobile and web applications, thus we support connection speed and minimal data transfer depending on the device.


We regularly monitor performance, stability and detect possible anomalies in the environment where the API is used. In addition, you can also use an external monitoring service in our environment for your integrations.


Integrations are managed according to your business requirements. This means you can access single sign-on between your integrations and our ERP. Basic data is shared between the ecosystem of apps that Qasida offers or that you integrate, so you don't have to enter them in duplicate.


Qasida API is designed for both simple and complex data transfers, it can be automatically scaled according to the current load of users or processes without downtime. The architecture provides standards in interface versioning, thereby supporting backward compatibility.


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