Comprehensive solution
for wholesale management

Optimize purchasing and inventory storage with AI
and move your business forward

Predict future sales
and secure a competitive advantage

The wholesale function package will speed up and simplify the processes of purchasing, ordering, warehousing, selling, pricing and Intrastat reporting.

The complexity of the solution is complemented by supporting functionality for the import of orders, receipts, and price lists, which facilitate the daily routine, monitor and set the necessary changes automatically, without additional intervention by workers.

The solution also offers integration with online stores, communication between headquarters and offices, clear setting of prices, discounts and business conditions for groups of customers. The customer management system and loyalty program will allow you to track customer behavior in detail, obtain reports on purchases and analyze data to improve the offer of products and services.

Another advantage is the possibility of connecting to our AI platform, which predicts stock levels based on the historical behavior of your customers.

Calculates sales stock, "safety stock", suggests optimization of stock in the warehouse, or identifies unnecessary stock.

Why choose Wholesale solution?

With our solution, you will not only get a tool for ensuring routine activities in eCommerce,
but with the help of artificial intelligence and its optimization of the purchase and
storage process, you will completely change your business from the ground up.

This will ensure you not only a competitive advantage, but also maximum satisfaction of your customers and long-term loyalty to your brand.

With the Wholesale solution, you get everything
you need to effectively manage your business


Keep the shopping process under control

The module provides a complete solution for purchasing and logistics, including documents such as price inquiries, orders, notices, and receipts. It automates your processes and allows you to track the fulfillment of ordered quantities. It also reconciles receipts with supplier invoices and other costs. In this way, you manage procurement costs effectively and ensure that logistics work smoothly.


AI platform - inventory prediction

Have concrete data, not just assumptions

The application focuses on forecasting, reporting and analysis of stock levels, which can be evaluated from several viewing angles. For example, according to warehouses, locations, type of products, etc. The solution includes, for example, ABC analysis, XYZ analysis, calculation of sales stock, safety stock, reorder point and others. The benefit is the optimization of stocks in the existing warehouse, reduction of unnecessary stocks, support for the future purchase of goods that are trending on the market and that you do not yet have in your portfolio.


Create a sales flow of documents according to requirements

The module provides a complete solution for sales and logistics, including documents such as quotations, orders and delivery notes. It automates your sales processes and allows you to track the fulfillment of delivered quantities. Follow-up documents can be generated, for example, a sales order can be generated from a price offer, a sales invoice can be generated for the created delivery note.



Get your pricing strategy right

Thanks to the possibility of clearly defining and changing supplier and customer price lists, you will be in control of pricing. Each price list allows you to manage and edit individual product prices with a precisely defined time validity, clearly broken down by customer, product category or quantity taken. In addition, the system supports the management of rebates and surcharges for business partners with the option of setting your own criteria.



Always a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods

The software includes detailed warehouse management, thanks to which you will always have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods, regardless of whether they are located in a brick-and-mortar store, or you offer them in your e-shop.



Increase your business potential

A tool that will give traders and managers an overview of business activities, an always-up-to-date database with detailed information about active offers, the status of the business case and feedback, since which you can build relationships with your existing or potential customers and thereby accelerate the growth of your business.


Sales process with maximum efficiency


  • Our solution covers every part of the business-logistics process and it is up to you whether you choose a partial solution or a complex of offered modules.


  • A complete and always up-to-date overview of your stock, whether in the e-shop or in the warehouse, allows you to order only what you really need and sell what you have. Thanks to this, you minimize costs and maximize profit.

of processes

  • Automated processes ensure efficient use of time and resources. The applications are designed to minimize the necessary user interaction with the system, saving you time and improving the performance of your business.

The latest

  • Be one step ahead of the competition, find out what the sales trends are in the world and adapt to them before they come to us. Use the potential offered by artificial intelligence and find out the maximum about your sales.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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