A comprehensive solution for
retail management

Improve your business and
achieve more sales and customer loyalty

The package of functionalities, which we designed specifically for the needs of retail, supports the sale of goods or services directly to end customers

through brick-and-mortar stores of all sizes, from small shops to supermarket chains.
In this type of trading, we help you sell a wide range of products and services,
including food, clothing, electronics, cosmetics and many more.

Create specialized offers
and get an ahead of the competition

Our solution also allows you to integrate with online stores, communicate between the headquarters and individual branches, clearly set prices, different types of discounts and business conditions depending on your customer groups.

A system for customer management and a loyalty system, including up-to-date overviews of purchased goods and services in financial as well as quantitative terms, will provide you with detailed monitoring of customer behavior and data analysis, thanks to which you can improve your product and service offer and adapt it to customer needs.

Why our retail solution?

Thanks to the retail solution, you will get a reliable, fast and comprehensive assistant
that will make your daily work easier and improve your results.

Whether it is customer management, marketing campaigns, or sales activities, our solution will provide you with everything to improve
your ability to adapt to changing market demands and increase your competitiveness.

Everything you need to grow
and prosper
in your retail business

WooCommerce plugin

Increase productivity and minimize errors

A tool for reliable transfer and processing of orders from the e-shop directly to your ERP system and back. With the detection of existing customers according to their emails or phone numbers, the export of product data and its parameters from ERP to the e-shop, the possibility of importing images to products and automatically sending invoices to customers according to selected order statuses, this plugin will save you time and help you effectively manage your e-shop activities.



Have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods

The software includes detailed warehouse management, thanks to which you will always have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods, regardless of whether they are located in a brick-and-mortar store or offered in your e-shop.



Get your pricing strategy right

Thanks to the possibility of clearly defining and changing supplier or customer price lists, you will be in control of your pricing. Each price list allows you to easily manage and edit individual prices of products with a precisely defined time validity, clearly broken down by customer, product category or quantity taken. The system also supports the management of rebates and surcharges for business partners with the option of setting criteria such as the quantity taken, products or product categories.


Retail cash register

Sell for cash without worry

The Retail cash register allows you to quickly and easily issue a receipt and at the same time ensures that it is entered into the fiscal memory of the eKasa system , regardless of whether you accept payments in cash or by payment card. It is fully connected to the loyalty system, which will allow collecting points, providing benefits, selling and redeeming gift vouchers, etc.
It also contains functionality that supports the processes of a standard company in eCommerce , such as issuing paid packages or paying for a shipment. It goes without saying that deposits, withdrawals, as well as the creation and posting of daily closings to the cash register according to revenue types in the breakdown of the organizational structure and records of objects.

Loyalty system

Know the behavior of your customers

Increase the loyalty of your customers and learn about their behavior, thanks to which you can make irresistible offers for them. The loyalty system will provide you with a comprehensive database of your customers, the ability to set up different types of accounts and discount levels, broken down by sales groups. Detailed sales reports and statistics provide you with important information about your customers' purchases and discounts provided. Use the additional function of automatically assigning credit to the customer's credit account from a proportional part of the purchase price and thus optimize your services.


Product sets

Don't be afraid to sell sets, sets or gift packages

With the Product Sets functionality, you can create specially designed products intended mainly for stores or retail chains with a clear identification of the client, his products or brand. Thanks to Product sets, you can easily create a unique link between the main product and associated products - cards. Whether it's gift packages or sets of products, when receiving or issuing, you only work with the main product and the associated cards are automatically added to the created document. Offer your customers practical and convenient packages and thus increase the efficiency of your retail operation.

Enjoy all the benefits
of the retail package


  • A reliable solution that includes an optimal combination of functionalities for retail business such as loyalty system, warehouse management, mobile warehouse, retail cash register and other interconnected applications to support company processes and maximize profit.


  • With flexibility and adaptability, applications can be combined with each other and fed into third-party solutions for maximum value and competitive advantage, which is crucial for success in today's rapidly changing technology world.


  • A complete and always up-to-date overview of your stock, whether in an e-shop, warehouse or brick-and-mortar stores, allows you to order only what you really need and sell what you have. Thanks to this, you minimize costs and maximize profit.

Automation of

  • Automated processes ensure efficient use of time and resources. The applications are designed to minimize the necessary user interaction with the system, saving you time and improving the performance of your business.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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