A complex solution for the management of each rental shop

A specialized package of functionalities to support all processes related to loans.

Get an effective tool for managing your rental company.

The ideal combination of functionalities for your successful business

With our package of selected solutions for rental companies, you get an effective tool for managing all the activities you need for your successful business. Within the functionality of the Qasida Rental application, you can manage various types of products, record loans with display in the calendar, but also settle the reservation with the issuance of an invoice and its payment. Part of the solution is also a connection to Qasida ERP, an information system with additional functionality of complete warehouse management, correct accounting of loans and collection of payments.

A flexible solution for the future growth of your business

Online integration with ERP at the level of customers, products, invoices and realized payments creates a full-fledged system that will help you automate processes to speed up and simplify your daily activities and, finally, contribute to the elimination of errors. With parameterizable and scalable functions, it can adapt to your current needs and flexibly respond to your requirements in the future growth of the company.

Why choose the Rental solution

Qasida Rental application and other selected modules, you will get a perfect integration that
will always provide you with a perfect overview of the state of your business, thanks to a set of reports and important information
necessary for your strategic decision-making. From an overall overview of your company's performance
to details of posted transactions for specific centers, orders, and economic objects.

Make decisions based on quality data and move your business forward.

Manage your rental company
with insight and efficiency

Qasida Rental

Smooth process of every reservation

The application allows you to record the customer and the desired products with impressive speed and accuracy. In addition, with the immediate application of the price from the selected price list to each product and, if certain conditions are met, a discounted price per set. You can also use the option of generating contracts and acceptance protocols in just a few steps.



Have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods

The software includes detailed warehouse management, thanks to which you will always have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods, regardless of whether they are located in a brick-and-mortar store or you offer them in your e-shop.


Adjustable workflow

Full control over your processes

Customize your booking details and ensure the efficient functioning of your business. Product reservations can be modified and supplemented with statuses, their order can be changed, or status rights can be set. The application also allows you to set automatic actions to be performed after the status is set. You no longer need to waste time and energy on manual tasks, our system will do it automatically.


Cost accounting

Get an overview of your

With this functionality, you will always have a detailed overview of all costs and revenues in your company. It will enable you to add identifiers used for assigning the cost or revenue to the center of the organizational structure or to an element of the economic object, for example, to an order, project, car, employee, action, etc. within the accounting records.


Connection with Qasida ERP

Reliable data transfer

Qasida Rental application can connect to Qasida ERP at multiple levels, giving you a clear and reliable solution for your business. It is primarily about the transfer of tax documents, which will make your work easier and save a lot of time, while ensuring access to all the necessary information and documents in one system.


Retail cash register

Borrow products for cash without unnecessary worry

The functionality of retail sales enables easy creation of cash receipts, with entry into the fiscal memory of the eKasa system. It ensures the functionality of deposits, withdrawals, as well as the creation and posting of the daily closing to the cash register according to revenue types in the breakdown of the organizational structure and records of objects. Cash sales enable the receipt of payments when paying customer invoices in cash or by payment card, in summary of the daily closing.

Enjoy all the advantages that a specialized solution for rental companies brings you


  • Optimize your processes and achieve better results thanks to the possibility of customizing the system. With customizable Workflow, you could customize the application according to the specific needs of your business.

of processes

  • Maximize the efficiency of your business thanks to process automation that allows you to run different types of activities, such as sending an email. Whether you need to send a reminder when you don't return a borrowed product or use any other type of notification, it won't be a problem with our solution.


  • Make decisions based on the current data available to you in various reports, the display rules of which you can set yourself within the framework of variable dashboards. At the same time, you can save lists of favorite filters and use many other functions to facilitate your daily work.


  • Open your business to new possibilities with our application, which offers unlimited connection options. Through the API interface, you can connect to various third-party solutions, increasing the flexibility of your business.


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