The mobile office
offers you freedom and flexibility

We bring you a modern concept
that allows you to work from any place without any restrictions.

No matter where you are, thanks to the Mobile Office, you will have easy and full access to your work tools that you normally use in the workplace.

No matter where you are, our systems are instantly ready for work from home

With a mobile office, you can move and work from different places, for example from home, a cafe or an airport.
This provides an ideal solution especially for those who need to have access to their work tools anytime and from anywhere.

With our solution, you can fully concentrate on your work and thus achieve high-quality work performance without restrictions.

Why Mobile office?

The mobile office contains all the functions necessary for the daily operation of your company.

These include mainly the management and distribution of received documents, such as invoices, delivery notes or orders and their approval. Furthermore, the electronic signature of new documents and contracts, an overview of receivables and liabilities according to selected criteria, and the possibility of issuing an invoice to your customer. All of these functions are available from one place, allowing you to work remotely easily and efficiently.

Effective organization of work even remotely

Electronic mail

No more physical storage of company mail

With the electronic mail function, you will have constant access to a complete record of scanned documents. Thanks to the categorization of shipment types and the search function, you will find what you need right now, whether it is an invoice or an important email from a client. The system is also perfectly connected with the Invoicing module, which means that you can handle everything in just a few clicks. Never forget a document or be unable to find it.

Electronic signature

Sign documents remotely

Don't waste time printing, signing and then scanning important documents into your email. The electronic signature function allows you to sign documents conveniently and easily, anytime and from anywhere! At the same time, you can be sure that your signatures are secure and valid. Use the advantages of electronic signing, save time, and simplify your daily work with documents.


Electronic invoicing

Invoicing securely and quickly from anywhere

You will never have to waste time and energy printing, packing and mailing invoices again. Electronic invoicing allows you to send invoices by email in PDF format from anywhere and with a valid electronic signature. Thanks to the possibility of repeated invoicing, you will never fill in the same information again and again. This minimizes errors and saves a lot of time.

Receivables and Payables

Keep your liabilities and receivables under control

Wherever you are in the world, you can be sure that you will always have an overview of all your liabilities and receivables, and you will not forget any of them. If necessary, you can also use the option of sending reminders electronically, which will save you a lot of time that you can use for other more important activities.


Contract records

All contracts at your fingertips

With Contract Records, all your contracts and their amendments will be clearly organized and in one place. No matter where you are, you have constant access to e-documents and can manage them even from your favorite coffee shop. In addition, the system automatically checks some contract details, which significantly contributes to reducing the possibility of receiving an unfavorable contract. Establishing order and control over the process of creating and approving contracts has never been easier.


Paperless paper machines

Optimize your work process with Workflow and you will never have to deal with endless paperwork and document approval in person. Thanks to the electronic approval process, you can immediately see the status of documents and you can easily manage the entire approval process from your smartphone. In this way, you minimize possible delays and ensure a smooth flow of information throughout the company.


Enjoy all the benefitsthat a Mobile Office solution brings you


  • Don't limit yourself to working from your office, everything you need will be accessible wherever you are.


  • Are you currently waiting in the airport hall for your flight on a business trip? Use this space and approve, for example, documents that are waiting for your signature even remotely.


  • By using the Mobile office package, you save not only our forests, but also your wallet. All contracts, addendums and invoices are always available to you in electronic form, including information on their sending, approval and signing.


  • Thanks to digitization, you will no longer waste hours manually checking, searching for signatures or approving. All necessary actions will take place automatically and without problems, which will ensure efficient and error-free processing of the document in the shortest possible time.


  • We use the most modern technologies guaranteeing the maximum level of security. Whether you are in a coffee shop or a hotel room, thanks to intelligent encryption and a high level of protection, access to your agenda will always be secure even remotely.


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