A solution for supporting all processes and increasing the business efficiency of a group of companies.

Choose the best for your holding company

Centralized data and a unified system for managing all companies

Do you need to manage the key processes of several companies operating in the same or similar industry? Our solution meets all criteria and offers you and your employees everything necessary for the successful operation and management of a group of companies. Multi-tenancy , unified administration and the same system settings will simplify and streamline the work of management and all employees across the holding.

Modular solutions copying the individual requirements of individual companies

Are you a group that diversifies its activities? In that case, we recommend that you centralize only the economic and reporting part, and you can arrange the remaining partial activities from our additional modules and applications for each company in the group individually, according to its specific needs.

Finance, trade and logistics under your thumb

We bring you a comprehensive tool for accounting, property, VAT and other financial and economic processes. Solutions for business-logistics processes such as purchase, sale or warehouse management, but also the possibility of import and export from third-party sources, support of e-shops and retail sales. In addition to reporting on the entire group and its individual members, a sophisticated CRM and a central loyalty system are of great help.

Why choose Holding company solution?

By combining and interconnecting selected applications and modules, you will get a fully integrated solution that will provide you with important information and reports for your further decision-making in a dynamic business environment.
Thanks to implemented artificial intelligence, you can gain a competitive advantage and make decisions in your favor even more effectively.

The ideal configuration for all your business needs

Qasida ERP

A flexible combination of functionalities for the efficient work of all departments

A scalable system that adapts to your current requirements and future growth. From purchasing, sales, warehousing, services to finance, Qasida ERP combines high functionality and a user-friendly interface in comprehensive packages. Through intelligent integration, it increases consistency, transparency and efficiency across your company.


Central loyalty system

Know the behavior of your customers

Get a complete database of your customers, the ability to set different types of accounts and discount levels, divided by sales groups. Detailed statistics show you important information about your customers' purchases and discounts, thanks to which you can make irresistible offers for them . Use the additional function of automatically assigning credit to the customer's account and thus optimize your services.


API web service

Link to third parties

The Web API, built on the REST API architecture, enables easy connection with our CRM and Retail cash register applications, but also with your e- shop or third parties. With the API, you get access to basic records such as customers, products, product categories, attributes, images, orders and inventory levels. In addition, our API ensures not only the initial import of data, but also its repeated updating, so that your applications always have the most up-to-date data.


Optional records

Customize the modules according to your needs

It's now quick and easy to set up tracking and management of any records and dials that are linked to existing records . With our functionality, you can, for example, easily register your machines, projects, digital carriers or any other data stored in various tables or applications. You can also freely set the names of your records, windows or bookmarks.



Increase your business potential

A tool that will give marketers and managers an overview of business activities, an always-up-to-date database with detailed information on active offers, the status of the business case and feedback, on the basis of which you can build relationships with your existing or potential customers and thereby accelerate the growth of your business.


AI platforma - predikcia skladových zásob

Have concrete data, not just assumptions

The application focuses on forecasting, reporting and analysis of stock levels, which can be evaluated from several viewing angles. The solution includes, for example, ABC analysis, XYZ analysis, calculation of sales stock, safety stock, reorder point and others. The benefit is the optimization of stocks in the existing warehouse, reduction of unnecessary stocks, support for the future purchase of goods that are trending on the market and that you do not yet have in your portfolio.

Enjoy all the benefits, of a specialized solution for holding companies


  • It is up to you whether you choose a partial solution or a complex of offered modules, our solution covers every part of the business-logistics process.


  • A complete and always up-to-date overview of your stock, whether in the e-shop or in the warehouse, allows you to order only what you really need and sell what you have. Thanks to this, you minimize costs and maximize profit.

Automation of processes

  • Automated processes ensure efficient use of time and resources. The applications are designed to minimize the necessary user interaction with the system, saving you time and improving the performance of your business.

The latest technologies

  • Get ahead of the competition with the most advanced technologies on the market. Let artificial intelligence find out what are the latest trends in the world in the field of sales and optimize your business processes according to them with ease and before they come to us.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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