Grow your online sales with a revolutionary eCommerce platform

An innovative solution for the perfect support of your e-shop

Uncover the hidden potential of your online sales

The most comprehensive eCommerce solution on the market
supports all processes that inevitably take place in the background of every online sale with maximum efficiency and reliability, thus allowing you to have the entire company under control.

With a user-friendly plugin for a popular e- shop WooCommerce, or seamless API integration with any online store, you can manage your products and their prices from one central location, including showrooms and brick-and-mortar stores.

When processing orders, you can rely on the automation of processes from the initial registration of the order, through its processing to handing over to the carrier. This will save you time and money that you can invest in the further development of your business.

Why eCommerce?

With a reliable eCommerce solution, you will gain the trust of your customers and reveal the hidden potential of your online sales.
This will help you achieve your business goals with greater ease than ever before.

Transform your online store and take your business to the next level!


Have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods

The software includes detailed warehouse management, thanks to which you will always have a perfect overview of the condition and movement of your goods, regardless of whether they are in a brick-and-mortar store, or you offer them in your e-shop.


WooCommerce plugin

Increase productivity and minimize errors

A tool for reliable transfer and completion of orders from the e- shop directly to your ERP system and back. With the detection of existing customers by their e-mails or phone numbers, the export of product data and its parameters from ERP to the e-shop, the possibility of importing images to products and automatically sending invoices to customers according to selected order statuses, this plugin will save you time and help with effective management of your e-shop activities.

Order Manager

Improve warehouse management thanks to AI

Sophisticated Order Manager uses artificial intelligence tools and reliably helps you with planning and optimization of stock.


Process administration

Reduce the administrative burden and speed up your business processes

Automatic generation of invoices from incoming orders speeds up the entire sales process, which saves your employees a lot of time. Sending the tax document directly to the customer's e-mail takes place automatically through electronic invoicing.


Mobile warehouse

Simplify and speed up warehouse operations

The mobile warehouse application simplifies
the routine work of your warehouse
workers when stocking goods, selling,
or inventorying warehouses.



Use a professional tool to handle claims with ease

The system registers all complaints in one place and will notify you in time of the deadlines set by the Consumer Protection Act.


Online saleswith maximum efficiency and reliability


  • Ensuring effective company eCommerce processes is our priority. That's why we offer a reliable solution that includes a loyalty system, a mobile storekeeper, a retail cash register, and other applications that are connected to each other and can help companies grow and increase profits.


  • With flexibility and adaptability, our applications can be combined with each other and fed into third-party solutions for maximum value and competitive advantage, which is crucial for success in today's rapidly changing technology world.


  • A complete and always up-to-date overview of your stock, whether in an e-shop, warehouse or brick-and-mortar stores, allows you to order only what you really need and sell what you have. Thanks to this, you minimize costs and maximize profit.

Automation of processes

  • Automated processes ensure efficient use of time and resources. The applications are designed to minimize the necessary user interaction with the system, saving you time and improving the performance of your business.

Minimizing the error rate

  • Achieve accurate and reliable results. Applications guide users through a precise work process, which minimizes errors and ensures correct execution of tasks. This will allow you to achieve better results and higher work efficiency.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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