Accounting operations under the control and above the framework
of slovak legislation

A complete solution for all the needs
and processes of accounting companies

Do you provide accounting services to Slovak entities or are you an international
accounting company with local and foreign reporting needs?

Our variable solution adapts to the needs of every type and size of accounting firm.

Basic accounting functions
such as bookkeeping, invoicing, property, cash register, processing of VAT and end-of-year legislative statements are complemented by modern digitization functions such as extraction of documents, contracts and their electronic signing. Thanks to automation and workflow, your processes will run faster, easier and with a minimization of errors caused by e.g. human factor.

The modularity of the system allows you to design a solution that can be changed over time according to the current requirements resulting from the composition of your customers.
Combine the composition of the modules together with your customer and create a maximally integrated tool with a minimal need to rewrite data. For example, the customer manages the agendas of logistics, sales, and property, and you just perform their accounting in one go.

Why choose the Accounting Company solution?

By connecting the application and modules, you get a fully integrated solution with a set of reports and important data necessary for further decision-making by you and your clients.
You will get a parameterizable and variable tool to support all your processes from financial-economic to business-logistics, with additional support either in the form of imports and exports from third-party sources, e- shop support , or retail sales. In addition, you will be able to use reliable reporting , clear and simple CRM, or actively use elements of artificial intelligence to optimize activities in logistics.

A perfect combination of tools
for effective optimization of your business processes

Qasida ERP

A flexible combination of functionalities for the efficient work of all departments

A scalable system that adapts to your current requirements and future growth. From purchasing, sales, warehousing, services to finance, Qasida ERP combines high functionality and a user-friendly interface in comprehensive packages. Through intelligent integration, it increases consistency, transparency and efficiency across your company.



Paperless paper machines

Optimize your work process with Workflow and you will never have to deal with endless paperwork and document approval in person. Thanks to the electronic approval process, you can immediately see the current status of documents and you can easily manage the entire approval process from your smartphone. In this way, you minimize possible delays and ensure a smooth flow of information throughout the company.


Cost accounting

Get an overview of your business

With this functionality, you will always have a detailed overview of all costs and revenues in your company. It will enable you to add identifiers used for assigning the cost or revenue to the center of the organizational structure or to an element of the economic object, for example, to an order, project, car, employee, action, etc. within the accounting records.


Automatic accounting of costs and revenues

Accounting in one click

Automatic budgeting and re-accounting of costs, revenues, economic result of a given center, organizational structure or element of an economic object using a predefined method will speed up the routine activities of employees. You can use it, for example, to calculate the correct, supply, and sales overhead for the revenue centers of the organizational structure or for elements of economic objects such as an order, a project, a car, an employee, and the like.


Increase your business potential

A tool that will give traders and managers an overview of business activities, an always-up-to-date database with detailed information about active offers, the status of the business case and feedback, on the basis of which you can build relationships with your existing or potential customers and thereby accelerate the growth of your business.


AI platform - stock prediction

Have concrete data, not just assumptions

The application focuses on forecasting, reporting and analysis of stock levels, which can be evaluated from several viewing angles. For example, according to warehouses, locations, type of products, etc. The solution includes, for example, ABC analysis, XYZ analysis, calculation of sales stock, safety stock, reorder point and others. The benefit is the optimization of stocks in the existing warehouse, reduction of unnecessary stocks, support for the future purchase of goods that are trending on the market and that you do not yet have in your portfolio.

Enjoy all the benefits of a specialized
solution for accounting companies


  • Our solution covers every part of the business-logistics process and it is up to you whether you choose a partial solution or a complex of offered modules.


  • A complete and always up-to-date overview of your stock, whether in the e-shop or in the warehouse, allows you to order only what you really need and sell what you have. Thanks to this, you minimize costs and maximize profit.

of processes

  • Automated processes ensure efficient use of time and resources. The applications are designed to minimize the necessary user interaction with the system, saving you time and improving the performance of your business.

The latest

  • Be one step ahead of the competition, find out what the sales trends are in the world and adapt to them before they come to us. Use the potential offered by artificial intelligence and find out the maximum about your sales.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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