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with full support for your mobility

Innovative ERP solution to support all company processes

Qasida ERP combines a modern hosting model with functionalities that create an ecosystem of corporate applications available from virtually anywhere. This means that all users, whether managers, accountants, payroll or IT administrators, can work from any location without having to sacrifice functionality or efficiency.

Follow the latest IoT and AI technologies

As ERP solutions continue to evolve, businesses must look for adaptive systems that align with today's emerging technologies, including IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). If your company is one of those trying to keep up with increasingly complex operating conditions, Qasida ERP could be a natural solution for you.

Guarantee of legislation beyond the framework of SR

Asseco Solutions has been active in the information technology market for more than 30 years and during its existence has developed several generations of ERP copying the needs of the market. All of them fully support Slovak and Czech legislation and also meet international IFRS standards.

Why Qasida ERP?

A reliable solution for a quick and easy transition to a modern ERP for the dynamic growth of your company

ERP implementation has historically been a long and complex process, as companies have been forced many times to install complex supporting infrastructure, deal with difficult data integration tasks, and thoroughly test a new ERP setup within their IT configuration. Qasida ERP greatly simplifies this process and offers the possibility of dynamic growth according to the current needs of the company, when you only pay for the resources you use.

Flexible configuration of functionalities for efficient work of all departments

B2B economy

Qasida ERP is part of the Asseco STORE marketplace, in which our own and partner plugins, add-ons and applications for your business are constantly being added. In addition, this space is also open for you, your services, and products, which you can offer and monetize in the Asseco STORE. The unique marketplace allows you to do business in a safe environment of an accredited community of companies managed by Asseco Solutions.


International legislation

With Qasida ERP, you are perfectly equipped for international growth. Support for multiple tenants, languages, and currencies, as well as multi-location and group accounting for companies that need to report financial results and the status of assets and liabilities in standards other than IFRS. Our broad-based international network of partners ensures that country-specific features are implemented during localization.


Increase in profits

Qasida ERP will provide you with detailed cost information in real time, for better tracking and control of expenses. This can improve planning and identify areas where you can optimize costs. In addition, Qasida ERP will support your managerial decision-making based on available and accurate data on the company's financial situation and the performance of all processes, which will ultimately contribute to improving the company's results and increasing profits.



It is necessary to seamlessly exchange information and data between different software, applications, or modules. Cooperation between subsidiary and sister organizations is also important, where separate systems need to be integrated and speak the same language. For integration, Qasida offers its own API, which allows connection and exchange of data with several established solutions and platforms.



Qasida ERP is a key tool that makes it possible to improve efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Centralizing important data, linking to artificial intelligence and mobility, gives your managers and employees access to all important data and information in a timely manner, enabling better decision-making and planning.


Human resource

HR functions in Qasida ERP help your organization achieve goals by enabling managers to better allocate time and resources to employees.

Human Resources also includes payroll capabilities that offer functionality for all employee payroll tasks, including payroll calculation, application of withholdings, and generation of state-required payroll forms.


Make the most of the benefits that Qasida ERP brings you


  • Like all generations of ERP from the Asseco Solutions workshop, Qasida also offers tools for modifying the interface, completing custom plugins and full support for integrations via the Qasida API. Part of Qasida ERP is a full-fledged set of principles and rules intended for modeling processes within the Qasida ERP backoffice and also directly in the presence layer (front end) of individual applications from the ecosystem. You can customize the software yourself or with the help of our consultants and solution architects, or you can contact an independent process company that will adjust the necessary processes for you on a turnkey basis.


  • Qasida ERP is scalable, able to adapt to your requirements and growth direction. For legislatively independent applications, you specify the scope and content of functionalities dynamically. From purchasing, sales, production, warehouses, services to, for example, finance, Qasida ERP combines high functionality and a user-friendly interface in comprehensive packages. Through intelligent integration, this increases consistency, transparency and efficiency across your company.

Hybrid model

  • Qasida ERP can be used for critical modules such as finance, accounting, property and controlling as well as On-Premise, if your business model requires it and for whatever reasons you want or need to maintain this standard. On the contrary, we recommend hosting applications that are difficult to access and are not bound by specific legislative areas. The hybrid model fully supports SaaS benefits from a financing point of view.

Always the latest version

  • Our unique software architecture allows you to continuously benefit from updates without the need for complicated software release updates and time-consuming migrations. Your personalized system customizations and specific integrations are preserved even during updates.

Professional implementation

  • One of the benefits of switching to Qasida ERP is the possibility of auditing and setting up your existing processes by our solution architects, who will help you design workflow and processes taking into account our experience from various business segments. In addition to classic ERP functionalities, we specialize in the beCommerce segment, logistics, managed warehouses, loyalty systems and production.


Discover Qasida, a unique ecosystem of applications in the cloud.

AI platform

Get ahead of the competition with Qasida AI predictive tools.


Increase sales potential by knowing your clients and their needs with Qasida CRM

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