Discover the technologies of tomorrow today.

Work with innovative modules based on artificial intelligence in Cloud ERP.

Discover the technologies of tomorrow today.

Trust me with at management business on the recommendation artificial intelligence that they are built on the real ones data and top analyses, not on the feelings whether assumptions.

Application AI platform - stock prediction is artificial intelligence which stands above by all software’s that you use across the whole of the company. It focuses on forecasting, reporting and analysis of stock levels, which can be evaluated from several viewing angles. For example, by warehouses, locations, or type of products. Based on the obtained results, it gives recommendations on the next procedure. With an artificial one intelligence the risk of errors and inaccuracies disappears.

Why an AI platform?


Thanks to application on the prediction stock supplies you will have got your inventory available at any time without unnecessarily tying up capital or storage space, because efficient purchasing and storage has a decisive impact on the company's profitability.


Intelligent warehouse optimization
in the AI platform analyzes your current stock and, on this basis, calculates and displays information on product validity, stock forecast, average purchase price, and orders that have not yet been shipped, in addition to the analyzes listed below.


By linking to Google Categorization, the platform allows you to compare your sales items against sales of items in the same category around the world. At the same time, this information helps to create predictions at the global level and can thus determine the trend of sales in the local market.

Gain access to ultimate analysis and data and discover the hidden sources of your profit

ABC analysis

A useful way to categorize the value of inventory items based on their importance to the business. Using ABC analysis, inventory managers easily sort individual items based on demand, cost data, or risk. "A" grade items are most important, "B" items are next in order, and "C" items are less important. If necessary, products can be sorted into more than just these three groups (for example, AF).

XYZ analysis

The classification of inventory items according to the variability of their demand or derived or predicted consumption is an effective tool for proper planning of both material requirements and inventory levels. This analysis helps you avoid waste, production delays or excessive inventory levels.

Sales inventory

The analysis expresses the ratio of inventory to sales, measuring the amount of inventory in your store compared to the number of sales you make. A KPI (key performance indicator) is an important indicator of your store's inventory management and helps you adjust your inventory to maintain high margins.

Supplies on the way

Thanks to the analysis of stocks on the road, or the so-called The " pipeline " of inventory, which is a key area of inventory management, you will always have an up-to-date overview of inventory that has already been sent to the seller, but has not yet arrived at the buyer's destination.

Reorder Point

Reorder point (ROP) function , your inventory will never fall below a critical level. As soon as the application identifies the minimum amount of stock, ROP starts an action to replenish the specific stock, which is automatically reordered.

Safety stock

It acts as buffer stock in case sales are higher than planned or the supplier is unable to deliver additional units at the expected time. A correctly set level of additional stocks eliminates the risk of stockouts (lack of raw materials or packaging) caused by uncertainty in supply and demand.

Use advanced AI technologiesand optimize your warehouse management


  • Inefficient warehouse management has a strong impact on the condition of the business. Thanks to the objective optimization of stock, you will never run out of beds you will have got too much a lot and they will long time to stand on the in stock or vice versa others will be shortage . With our AI application you not even one will escape an order from potential customers and so you maximize your own profit.


  • Prediction , reporting and analysis status stock supplies leave it artificial intelligence with advanced evaluation and recommendation the future purchase new ones goods . AI platform you it will help to reveal unusual values and world sales trends in time. You can also use the possibility to create your own predictive statistical models and see the future of your business.


  • Invaluable ability to recategorize products based on objective values such as sales volume or profitability.


  • All data from the AI platform application - Stock prediction can be easily integrated with ERP from Asseco Solutions (Asseco SPIN, Asseco BLUEGASTRO, Asseco HELIOS iNuvio ) and databases (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL ) or import using MS Excel input files.

Advanced technologies

  • We work with state-of-the-art analytics and forecasts for key areas of ERP (production, warehouse management, sales). You will see more in your data than you would expect, as the statistical formulas also take into account seasonality, sales promotions, but also anomalies such as war, the covid pandemic and the like.


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AI platform

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